St. Patrick’s Day fun for youngsters

St. Patrick’s Day revelry might be most associated with adults who enjoy hoisting a few pints and listening to music at Irish pubs, but that does not mean kids can’t also enjoy this beloved holiday. The following are a handful of ways to infuse kids with the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.


Parades are fun for people of all ages. Local community parades may encourage families to march, and parents should take advantage of such opportunities. But even large parades in big cities can be fun for youngsters, who can dress up in green and enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of high school bands, bagpipers, Irish dance groups, and additional participants.


St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture in particular is synonymous with music, and there may be no better way to stoke kids’ enthusiasm for St. Patrick’s Day than to introduce them to Irish music. Check out local entertainment venues to see if there are any Irish-inspired concerts on tap. If possible, find shows geared toward youngsters that encourage them to participate by singing along or dancing as the musicians play. Kids who seem especially inspired can even be encouraged to learn an instrument associated with Irish music, such as the banjo, tin whistle or violin.


Another way to get kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day is to arrange for them to learn any of the traditional Irish dance forms. Parents can even enroll alongside their youngsters, making this a fun way for families to enjoy some quality time together. Look around for classes offering lessons on Irish céilí dances, Irish set dancing or Irish step dancing.


Many families decorate their homes for St. Patrick’s Day. While such decorations are rarely as extensive as Christmas decorations, parents can encourage their kids’ creative sides by organizing crafts projects for youngsters and their friends. Design projects where kids can create some of the symbols of St. Patrick’s Day that appear in popular culture, such as four-leaf clovers or leprechauns.

While many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are geared toward adults, parents can still take steps to involve their children in this year’s festivities.

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